Jessica C. Host, Dance Etiquette and Intro into Urban Kiz Dance Instructor

Jessica C. is an artist working in the fields of photography, creative design, songs, music videos, dancing and more. Music and dance has always been in her heart and she discovered the “Latin Dance” world just weeks before covid. She instantly fell in-love and got “hooked”.

She attended and trained at Bella Vita Dance Academy for about 18 solid months and helped establish one of the largest spring showcases local dance academies put on annually now in June at the Strand in Dover. Since then she has founded her own dance company called F.O.L.D. (originated as Fiesta of Latin Dance) in which she holds large single day or weekender dance events every September in NH that include workshops, performances and social dancing.

Jessica C. has become an important part of the Latin Dance community and now she is also a very active member of the Kizomba community. She discovered Urban Kiz during the pandemic lock down and has had a hunger and passion for it that just grows and grows. Being a trailblazer she has set forth to bring Kizomba to NH with training down in Boston 1-3x a week under the best of the best Ceijay and Bruna, traveling the USA to train in Latin dance and Urban Kiz with elite world class instructors including those she has brought in to this years event.

Jessica C. is also an entrepreneur founding, owning and managing F.O.L.D., Kiz NH, Delphina Rose Photography, Sapphire Rain Management, PandoraZ Box RecordZ, and Divas Head to Toe. She is a single mother of two amazing young daughters, she teaches Urban Kiz on Wednesdays at Shimmy and impacts all those who come in contact with her. Her joy of sharing her affection for working with people is infectious. She loves to share all her knowledge to help those around her to be empowered and be “in the fold”.

Spoiler Alert!!! Jessica C. will be hosting NH’s First Dance Congress next year! Details on Fold Congress soon!

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